Born of the availability of resources and comparative advantage, trade between countries has existed for centuries. Whether in the context of negotiations and agreements, embargoes or sanctions, international trade continues to dominate economic headlines today.

Last year the value of global exports for manufactured goods & commodities totaled USD 17,6 trillion. In most countries, it accounts for a large percentage of GDP. A common misconception is that, modern international trade is stimulated only by big business; proliferated by the engineering giants and multi-national manufacturers of the world.

Sausalito Trading was born out the belief that international trade opportunities are out there to be maximized, through the perfect and effective management of our business associates’ network. By understanding the local needs of our customers and suppliers we manage to fulfill the daily needs of your business.

Sausalito Trading, with offices in Vancouver, BC, Canada and subsidiaries in Oslo, Norway; Hong Kong and São Paulo, Brazil; was established after the acquisition of Tordesillas Trading by Arthur Vasconcellos, one of its main partners, who subsequently formed a team with a group of seasoned executives with diverse backgrounds to focus on the opportunities of global trade.

Companies that need to expand its sales to newer markets or that want to find trustful providers overseas, can count on the expertise of Sausalito Trading team. Through the extensive network of its partners and local Business Associates, its Senior associates and Advisory Board and Board Members’ network, Sausalito Trading has the capabilities to take your sourcing & sales needs to a next level of satisfaction.

Various products and services exported or imported will be intermediated by Sausalito following its own methodology (macro processes) and grouped into two groups as follows:

  • Commodities: with clear international competitiveness in a back to back model;
    entry plan for specific markets develop

  • Products with higher added value: with comparative advantages where our team will